Judge Beth Kellum follows a conservative judicial philosophy.  She believes that judges should follow the law, not make the law.  She does not believe in judicial activism, but instead believes that the role of judges is to interpret the law as written.


The Court of Criminal Appeals reviews every kind of criminal offense imaginable, from misdemeanors to the most vicious, violent and heinous crimes such as Capital Murder.  Judge Kellum believes these cases require a judge with both the experience and judicial temperament to handle them properly. Both before and after her election to the Court, as a Senior Staff Attorney then as Criminal Appeals Judge, she has worked to apply the law in a balanced, fair and impartial fashion in every case.


Judge Kellum will always be an advocate for children and the elderly, a position that is especially important considering the high number of cases of child, spousal and elder abuse brought before the Court.


Because of the nature of her position on the Court, Judge Kellum has always refrained from making public comments on any particular case.  Judge Kellum does, however, believe that it is critical that she and the other Judges approach every case without preconceptions, and do their utmost to render fair and unbiased rulings in accordance with the law.